Waterproofing Your Tent

Unfortunately not every tent that is marketed as waterproof is waterproof. There are some that have leaking floors, some have leaking walls. Or maybe you might have been using a tent for http://pocketoption.in/demo years. Continous use might erode the tent and diminish its water repellency. There is no reason for concern, a small investment into a water repellent spray can waterproof your tent and prolong its life by a few years.

How to apply a waterproofing spray

First of all, clear your tent before applying a waterproofing spray. Remove mildew and stains from your tent, then set up your tent in the open. If your tent is a double wall tent, don’t put up the fly for now. Open the door and all the windows of your tent. Waterproofing sprays are toxic, good ventillation is a must when using them inside the tent.

Clear the dirt from the inside of your tent. You can shake it out or clear it with a wet piece of cloth. Grab your waterproofing spray, and spray the floor of the tent from the inside. Soak the floor in the liquid, it is better to be on the safe side rather than failing to waterproof your tent. Grab a piece of cloth and distribute the liquid on the whole floor.

Spray the wall of the tent from the outside. Your piece of cloth will be soaked after distributing the liquid on the floor of the tent, at which point you don’t have to spray more on the tent, just squeeze out the liquid from the cloth and use that for waterproofing.

When the outside of the wall is dry, turn the tent on its side. Waterproof the bottom of the floor pocket option download just like you waterproofed the floor on the inside.

When you are done with the above stages, you can put up the fly. Soak it in the waterproof spray you use, distribute it with a piece of cloth and wait for it to dry up. Dry your tent in the shades. Some tents are UV resistant, but most are not. It is better to not risk damaging your tent by exposing it to sunlight for a long time.

Waterproofing sprays


The Nikwax TX Direct Spray-on Fabric Water Repellent is the waterproofing spray I recommend. It not only makes your tent waterproof, but it enhances the breathability of fabrics it is applied to. Most waterproof sprays have a bad odor. A big positive of the Nikwax TX Direct Spray-on Fabric Water Repellent (10 ounces) is that its odor is very mild. It has a little bit of vinegar-like odor, but it is nothing compared to the smell of the other water repellent sprays.





kiwi camp dry Kiwi Camp Dry, Heavy Duty Water Repellent. This is an effective water repellent spray. It gets the job done, your tent will be waterproof after https://pocketoption.in/review applying it to the tent. However this is only the second best water repellent in my opinion. It has a strong odor.



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