Ultralight Waterproof Tents

Ultralight tents are not what you might think based on the name. They are not an ultralight tent that you can buy in a box and set up, but they are a shelter of sorts instead. You have to purchase the parts separately and put them together on the spot. These tents can be used for backup. For example you go on a fishig trip. The weather forecast said it would be a nice sunny day but you pack all the parts of an ultralight tent just in case.

An ultralight tent will provide you shelter for a short time if conditions turn severe in a matter of minutes. You won’t have the time to set up your comfortable double wall waterproof tent but your ultralight tent will provide a shelter for you.

These tents are extremely easy to pack up and carry around, as they have no poles. This makes them an excellent ‘just in case’ option.

One of the easiest to set up is the A-frame tarp shelter. All you need to set up one of these is a tarp  a line, and two trees. The trees should be 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters) apart. Basically any distance bigger than you, and shorter than the length of your line will do. Ideally there should be no vegetation or rocks between the trees. Also check for dead tree branches. People hate it if a branch interrupts their sleep by falling on them. You have to tie the line to one of the trees, than tie the other end a little lower to the other tree. Lay the tarp over the line. Anchor the edges of the tarp with rocks. You can adjust the height of the shelter by how high you tie the line to the two trees. You can lay an extra tarp on the ground if it is muddy or cold.

You can’t purchase all of these in one package, but here are the things you will need. All of them are cheap and light objects.

First of all, a knowledge of knots to tie the line to the trees. This book will provide you with the knowledge of all the basic knots.

A large tarp.

An extra tarp.

Plenty of ropeA light rope or parachute cord should suffice.

A few aluminium tent stakesJust in case there are no rocks nearby, but the stakes are optional. You need at least four stakes – one for each corner – but the more the better.


The A-frame shelter is an easy to set up option that allows you flexibility on your trips. It gives you the option to take shelter when bad weather hits you out of nothing. However if you are going to go for a longer trip you should take at least a light backpacking tent with yourself.

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