Top Camping Sites

This is a page of the top camping sites I like and recommend. Check them out, they have priceless information about camping, backpacking and hiking. Have fun!

Camping Blogger

Camping Blogger is a great resource of camping destinations. It features articles about beautiful areas for camping, tips for backpacking or camping with your family. It also features articles about special occasions that you might want to take advantage of, like the famous ‘National Parks Week’.

Chicago Camping

Chicago Camping is your comprehensive guide to campgrounds in the Chicago area. It features all the information you need in order to find the campsite that best fits your needs if you are travelling to the Chicago area.

Campr Selected Sites

Campr has a great app that lets you explore the most beautiful campsites in the UK. You can check out 12 campsites with stunning photos, 360 degrees interactive panoramas and videos from your iOS device. A great tool to help you plan your trip.

Camping Advice Blog

Camping Advice Blog is a massive source of information about everything concerning camping. They feature up to date information about camping supplies, general camping knowledge, survival skills, and different activities that you can engage in while camping. I highly recommend this site if you are into camping on a regular basis.


Camp-In-Style is about all things camping according to their motto, and the site delivers on that promise. It features all kinds of gizmos, gadgets, and books related to camping, even hard-to find, specialised objects.

Boston Camping

Boston Camping publishes guides to all the campgrounds within a three-hour drive of Boston, including sites in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. If you are thinking about camping in the Boston area, this website has all the information you need.

How To Camp Out

How To Camp Out is a great resource of camping lessons, camping tips and camping advice. It has information and tips that are hard to come accross, but can prove vital in the wild. They also have a forum, so that campers can share tips with each other.

That Backpacker

That Backpacker is a travel blog for solo and gap year travelers.  It features destinations and sites from around the world, travel essays and general know-how about the places featured. It is a great travel blog, that you can not only use as an inspiration for your travels, but is a great read while stuck in the office :)

Great Wild Outdoors

Great Wild Outdoors  is the camping and backpacking blog of Justin. You can find all types of different posts on the blog, for example campground reviews, camping tips, book reviews, even giveaways. The blog has a big, nice community who share camping information in the comments and guest posts.

Two-Heel Drive

Two-Heel Drive is the hiking blog of Tom Mangan. It features tips on hiking, essential stuff, and reviews of places for hiking. Not to mention his numerous advice for hiking bloggers. Check it out!

My Life Outdoors

My Life Outdoors is the blog of Steve from Texas. He publishes gear reviews, trip reviews, tips and guidelines for hiking. I highly recommend checking out his detailed reviews about his hikes. The scenery and the photos are jaw-dropping.

Love in a Tent

Love in a Tent is a blog for couples who love hiking together. It features posts about weird camping gear, the hiking trends of New Zealand, and book reviews. I think we can all agree with the motto of the blog: ‘Camping is even better when you do it with the one you love!’

Go Backpacking

Go Backpacking is a great site that features travel site reviews, gear reviews and shares a lot of general information about backpacking around the world. It has a great page with links on how to save money for your trip around the world, and how much it actually costs.

Erik the Black’s Backpacking Blog

Erik the Black has a massive blog about backpacking. It features everything you need to know about backpacking, even less talked about things. For example how to select proper food for lightweight backpacking, or how to eliminate leg pain.

Backpacker Becki

Backpacker Becki is a blog about travelling around the globe as a lady on your own. It features tales about locations all around the world and stunning photos. This blog makes you want to travel even more!

Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Brian’s Backpacking Blog features mainly product reviews. The products tested include basically everything you might need for camping. Backpacks, cooking equipment, knives, tools for navigation. You name it, the site has a review about it.

Birding Guide

Birding Guide is the ultimate resource site for bird watchers. You can find trip reports, site directories and a very helpful guide that breaks down the types and species of birds you might find in your state. A site worth checking out if you love bird watching.

Horizons Unlimited

Horizons Unlimited is the ultimate resource for motorcyclists. You can find travel diaries, gear reviews and forums on the site. The site has a burgeoning community, who meet up from time to time in travellers meetings hosted by the site.

The Camping Forum

The Camping Forum is a vibrant forum from the UK. You can discuss equipment, campgrounds, and ask advice from fellow campers and backpackers. The forum also has a blog, where you can read about all kinds of UK-related camping issues and events.

Inspired Camping

Inspired Camping is a website featuring tips, videos, information about the different trends and types of camping. They have an entire page with links that lead to valuable information about glamping. If you want to find out about glamping, Inspired Camping is the place to go.


I am going to let Campist explain what they are all about: “Campist is an online magazine devoted to latest camping equipment, camping gear and gadgets.” You can read reviews and guides to all types of camping gear. Knives, clothes, backpacks, tents, you name it, Campist has a post about it.

Cool Camping

Cool Camping is a huge collection of campsites across Europe and the UK. if you want to go camping, but don’t know your destination yet, Cool Camping is the website to visit.

Hiking Camping

Hiking Camping is a blog that features books, book reviews, articles about trips and different hiking trails around the country. The blog is really good to read if you are looking for inspiration for your next backpacking trip.

Joy of Camping

Joy of Camping is a resource website for family campers. You can find tips, advice for camping with your loved ones. The website features recipes, gear review, tips for setting a campfire, information on U.S.campsites, national parks, and a youtube channel full of great videos.

All the Camping Gear

All the Camping Gear is a great blog with a humorous tone about all issues related to camping. The blog is great for cheering you up and getting inspiration to get out there and finally go for the camping trip you were always longing for. You can read about gear, campsites, and all kinds of posts about everything related to camping.

Camping Tourist

Camping Tourist is a website for campers and backpackers who want to roam the wilderness of the UK. The website features tips, campsite reviews, and general pieces of advice about the camping culture of the United Kingdom.

Hikers Blog

Hikers Blog is about the hiking, backpacking and walking culture. It features trip reports, that will help you decide where to go hiking the next time you want to get out of the busy city. The site also features all kinds of gear reviews.

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