Pacific Play Tents Super Duper Kids Tent Review: The Best Kid’s Tent

March 1, 2014

Pros The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper Kids Tent was designed with the needs of kids in mind. Kids tents have to be durable, easy to get in and out of and big. Not to mention that this tent has multiple doors, and excellent ventilation. This is one of the best tent for kids on the market.

Cons The tent is marketed as one for both indoor and outdoor use. I would recommend to buy another tent for outdoor camping as the waterproof fly doesn’t cover the whole tent, only the mesh top of the dome. The large size of the tent can be a problem if you intend to set it up in a small room.

It is very easy to get in and out of the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper Kids tent. It has three doors, two circle-shaped ones – 12” (30.5 cm)  in diameter – and a half of a side of the tent that opens with a zipper. The two circle-shaped doors can be covered up with a plastic canvas that can be rolled down.  A Pacific Play Tunnel fits to the circle-shaped exit on the side of the tent, however the end of the tunnel can’t be secured to the door of the tent.

The tent is designed to be exceptionally big, so that not only can it fit four kids but it is big enough for the kids to play in. Just like having three exits, this also shows again that the Super Duper Kids Tent was designed with kids in mind.

The large size of the tent can become a hindrance if the room you intend to set it up in is on the small side. It measures 58’’ x 58’’ (147.3 cm x 147.3 cm) on the floor, while it is 46” (116.8 cm) high. This is a great amount of space.  The big room allows kids to play without constraints, on the other hand you need a big room. The whole tent weights no more than 2 lbs (0.9 kg), so even a child can carry it with her on a hike.

The tent is high enough for a fully grown adult to sit up in it. The zippable door on the side of the tent is the exit that adults can use, the circle-shaped door would be a little bit on the small side for that. Adults can join the kids in the fun.

The top of the tent is made of mesh. This combined with the three exits provide excellent ventilation while the kids play. The mesh top can be covered up with the waterproof fly that comes with the tent.

The tent comes with color-coded tubes.  This makes it extremely easy to assemble. You have to slip the two shock corded poles into the tunnel on the outside of the tent. Then you have to tie the two poles together at the top of the dome with the ribbon on the dome.  The kids can help the adults with setting up the tent, learning valuable lessons for the future. Even though the tent doesn’t come with a manual you can see how easy it is to set up.

The poles are made of fiberglass. The tent was designed to be durable enough for kids using it constantly, the poles will not piece through the fabric. You have to insert the poles through an opening on the side of the tent, than tie the poles together with a ribbon at the top of the tent.

The tent comes with a nylon storage bag. When disassembling the tent you have to lay it out flat on the ground. Then you have to fold it in half twice. Then roll up the tent, put it in its bag, put the poles into the bag as well, and your tent is ready to be stored.

The Super Duper Kids Tent is an indoor/outdoor tent.  It is a great choice for indoor use, but I am skeptical when it comes to using kid’s tents outdoors. Outdoor camping demands a whole different set of features from a  tent, and there is not one tent out there that would be perfect for multiple purposes. I would advise you to buy this tent for indoor use, and find a tent for outdoor use that is completely waterproof, and has a fly that covers the whole tent. The fly of this one only covers the top of the dome. I would rather have one that covers everything, just to be on the safe side. Plus the tent has no vestibule. The kids can’t leave their dirty clothes and muddy shoes in the vestibule in case the rain comes.


The Pacific Play Tents Super Duper Kids Tent is a spacey, durable tent excellent for kids to play in. Four kids can sleep in this tent, but it is big enough for an adult to join the kid’s games. However it is not big enough for two adults and two kids to sleep in.

This tent is excellent as an indoor play tent for the kids, but it is not the best when it comes to outdoor family camping.

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