Wenzel Children’s Sprout 2 Person Dome Tent Review: An Indoor Play Tent

Pros Wenzel is a reputable tent manufacturer who specialises in family tents, and amassed more than a century’s worth of experience in the field. They have put all their experience into a special model designed for children. This is the Wenzel Children’s Sprout Two-Person Dome Tent.

Cons The Wenzel Children’s Sprout Two-Person Dome Tent has a small rainfly, that covers only the top of the wall of the tent. The tent might not stay waterproof if it rains heavily for hours.


The  Children’s Sprout is a tent with external poles. The external poles make the tent very easy to set up, so the kids can set it up themselves.

The tent has one layer which is the floor and the wall sawed together. Although the tent has a removable fly, it covers only the top of the dome of the tent.

The Wenzel Children’s Sprout is a relatively light tent. Even though it is a double wall tent, it weights 4.3 pounds (1.95 kg). It measures 6 x 3.2 x 5 feet (1.8 x 0.98 x 1.52 meters). Even though the tent is big enough for two kids to play in, a tall adult might not be able to sleep in the tent comfortably. With this in mind I wouldn’t recommend this tent for camping, but it is a very good indoor play tent.

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Tent has pretty good ventilation. The top of the dome is made of mesh, half of the door is made of mesh as well. This allows the air to circulate in the tent even when the door is closed.

There is even a little pocket on the inside of the tent for the kids to store their toys in.

Unfortunately the water resistant fly only covers the top of the dome of the tent. The problem with this is that the tent is useless in persistent heavy rain.


Wenzel Children’s Sprout Two-Person Dome Tent is not the one to take for week-long camping trips. However it is a very good indoor play tent.


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