Coleman Red Canyon Review: A Great Family Tent

Pros The Coleman Red Canyon is huge. The dome of the tent is big enough for a small group of people to gather in it. The tent comes with the company’s signature Weathertec System. Coleman is known for making sure their tents are waterproof.

Cons The Coleman Sundome is very well designed, however it has a few minor flaws. Most problems come from the size of the tent, and packing the tent can be a frustrating process.


The huge size of the tent is a blessing. It measure 17 ft x 10 ft (5.18 m x 3.05 m). Eight people can easily sleep inside it, if there are no more than three adults amongst them.  It is 72 inches (182.9 cm) high on the inside, so you can even stand up in it, which is a huge plus when you have to move around, and the tent is big enough for a small group to gather in it and pass the time with playing cards or any game for that matter. The tent comes with two removable walls, so you can use the tent as one big room, or create two or even three separate rooms.

redcanyon3However its huge size limits the number of situations you can use this tent in. First of all, you have to find a larger area to set up the Red Canyon, which can be hard in the wild. This tent was made for campsites. I suggest buying an additional tarp as the bottom of the tent is quite thin, and it is suspect to stones piercing through if you use the tent extensively.

The shape of the tent is not very aerodynamic. The height is obviously an issue, extended heavy wind might pose a problem if you don’t use enough stakes and guyouts. The tent comes with more than enough stakes to set the tent up robustly.  The poles are shock-corded.

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This tent is far too heavy for backpacking. Use it only if you plan on getting to the campsite by car. It is very easy to set up, but it is so big that it is a two-man job. This might not be a minus, as you can involve your kids in setting up your tent, which is a fun adventure in itself. If you want to backpack with your family, I suggest you buy multiple small, lightweight tents.

redcanyon2The biggest issue with this tent is the design of the rainfly. First of all, it is not big enough. It doesn’t cover the door completely. The door can be closed with a water resistant wall, and the zippers are water resistant as well. The fly is the only layer covering the mesh dome of the tent. The fly is completely water resistant, rain will not get into your tent, but it can get a bit chilly inside as the cold air can get in. The fly touches the inner wall of the tent in four spots. The water can gather in these spots, putting pressure on the wall of the tent.

The bag which the tent comes with is on the small side. You have to make sure that no air gets stuck in the tent while packing it up, otherwise the tent won’t fit into the bag. Separate bags are provided for the poles and sticks. The instructions for setting up the tent are sawed onto the side of the bag, so you will never loose them.

The biggest positive of this waterproof tent apart from its size is its waterproofing system. Coleman tents are known for being completely waterproof, and the Coleman Red Canyon doesn’t disappoint.


If you are looking for a tent that can host eight people at most, and you have a car, and you are not planning of getting off the beaten path, the Coleman Red Canyon is an excellent choice.  It is completely waterproof, the ventilation of the tent is great, while it has plenty of space. It is very cheap compared to how well it serves its purpose, and how well it is designed. It is a great tent for taking a big family on a camping trip.

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