Guide Gear 10′ x 10′ Tee Pee Tent Review: An eye-catching family tent

Pros The Guide Gear 10×10′ Tee Pee Tent is very easy to set up. It can withstand heavy storms due to its excellent waterproof wall and solid design. It is very easy to set up. Plus not many people own a tee pee tent nowadays, people will consider you to be a cutting-edge camper who pushes the limits.

Cons Although the tent is marketed as a 6-person tent, it definitely can not sleep six people and their equipment at the same time. The tent has only one wall, which means that condensation can be an issue. At the same time the windows are made of plastic, not mesh. This is not really a big negative, but it might be an annoyance if you like staring out of your tent.


This tent is massive. It measures 10′ x 10′ (3.04 m x 3.04 m). It is 6′ 6” (1.98 m) high. You can easily stand up inside it, or even set up a tiny table to eat, or store even a bicycle. It is heavy as it weights 14 lbs. This makes it impossible to use it as a backpacking tent, however it can be an excellent choice for bicycle or motorcycle trips, not to mention car trips.

The tent consists of a polyester wall with polyurethane coating to make it even more waterproof. The floor is made of polyethylene and is sewn together with the wall. The floor is completely waterproof, but you might want to consider putting down a tarp under your tent. It not only provides additional waterproofing, but prolongs the life of your tent by preventing stones on the ground from wearing it out. The tent has factory-sealed seams.

gg2The skeleton of the tent is provided by the long pole in the middle of the tent. This tee pee tent is very easy to set up and takes no more than ten minutes. However it is not self-supporting, you can not use it as an indoor tent. The wall of the tent is tightened out with guy-outs. When setting it up you need to secure the floor by putting the stakes into the ground. Then you have to put the pole inside the tent. Then you have to secure the remaining pull-through guy-ropes. This will make the wall of the tent nice and tight.

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The tent needs a lot of guy-outs to set up. Such tents can be a hinderence as you can trip in the guy-outs when walking around the tent. The Guide Gear 10′ x 10′ Tee Pee tackled this problem quite well as the guy-out ropes are colored black and shiny silver. All in all I am more than content with the design of the tent.

gg3The biggest fault of this tent is that it has no rainfly. Having only a single wall will lead to condensation. Even though the tent has two ground air vents and a covered mesh area at the top. The ten also has four plastic windows with airflow vents beneath them. The door of the tent is a bit on the small side, adults can not enter or exit the tent standing up.

Even though it is marketed as a six people tent the pole in the middle prevents you from using the whole diameter of the tent. It is big enough for a family of four to sleep in with their gear. Another reason why I would not plan on sleeping in this tent with five other people is because it has no vestibule. You need to keep your gear inside the tent, unless you have a car, of course.


The Guide Gear 10′ x 10′ Tee Pee tent is a great tent for cycling, motorcycling or car trips. It is completely waterproof, however condensation might be an issue. The tent is huge on the inside. All in all this tent is a wonderful choice if you want a waterproof tent for a car trip with your family.

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