Coleman Weather Master Screened Tent Review: A second home

Pros The Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent has everything you need if you want to feel comfortable in the wild with your family. It can sleep six people. It is huge, robust, has two doors, has two separate rooms, excellent ventilation, and it even has an electrical access port. It also has an additional screen room. It comes with the Coleman Weathertech System, which makes this one a one of the best waterproof family tents on the market.

Cons Even though the tent comes with instructions on how to set it up, and color-coded poles, its design requires a bit of practice to set it up. It comes with plastic stakes, which are going to break through extensive use. You need to buy new aluminium poles if you plan on using it for several years.

The biggest upside to this tent is its size. It measures 17′ x 9′ (5,18 m x 2,74m). It was designed to sleep six people. If you are taking less people camping than that you are going to have space for storing your stuff. There are two rooms in the tent, so you can have two separate bedrooms, or use one room as a changing room, or in any way you see fit. The point is that it allows flexibility and options which is a must for a family tent.

The Coleman Weather Master Screened Tent

Coleman Weather Master Screened tent is 6′ 10” (2,08 m) tall. The internal height really adds to your comfort level. It is nice to go around in your tent standing up instead of having to crawl. The huge size of the tent is not a problem when you use it as it was intended, camping out of a car. It weights 36 pounds (16,33 kg). Carrying it around with your backpack would be impossible.

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WeatherMaster2There is an attached extra screened room at the front of the tent. It can be used as a porch – sitting out, enjoying a cool drink while observing the beautiful scenery. Or you can use it as an extra bedroom, or a vestibule where you can store your muddy gear. This room has no flooring, however you can lay down an extra tarp before setting up the tent if this concerns you.

On this note, the floor of the tent is waterproof – just like the rest of the tent – but laying down a tarp is generally a good idea. This way the cheap tarp is going to erode instead of your expensive tent. The tent comes with the Coleman Wathertech system. This is the signature waterproofing system of the Coleman company, which was developed over decades and is a solid, proven method. The walls of the tent are made of a water-resistant polyester fabric. The rainfly covers the tent, while the doors and windows can be covered with individual polyester zippable rainflys. The floor is waterproof as well, thanks to the welding technology that removes the needle holes from the floor.

WeatherMaster3The tent comes with color-coded poles. You just have to insert them into the continous pole sleeves, clip the wall of the tent to the poles, and stake it down. Then you have to attach the rainfly. The tent fly covers he doors and the windows, but you have to stretch it a bit when putting it up. This is one of the main reasons why you need to set the tent up at home at least once before using it in the wild.

WeatherMaster4The tent has plenty of mesh windows. All of them can be covered with a zippable rainfly. The top of the tent is made of mesh as well. If you remove the fly you can watch the stars from your sleeping bags. The tent has two doors. One on the front, and one on the right wall of the tent. All these provide excellent ventilation. You don’t have to worry about condensation as the Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent is a double wall tent with multiple mesh windows.  The tent even has an electrical access port. You can run a cord from your device in the tent to the ouside power source.


Coleman Weather Master Screened tent is huge. It is very comfortable. It is quick to set up, however it requires a bit of experience. It is completely waterproof. The tent is too heavy to use it for backpacking. However it is one of my favourite family tent. If you are looking for a tent that can sleep a maximum of six people for a car trip, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Coleman Weather Master Screened tent.

If you don’t like the Coleman Weathermaster Screened Tent, you can find more family tents here.

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