Hi there, my name is Peter, and Waterproof Tent Guide is my website.

I have been an outdoor enthusiast since I was a little kid. My earliest memories include going fishing with my father on the weekends, and sleeping by the river. Setting up the tent was not the best part of the trip – fishing is awesome after all – but sleeping in the wilderness is an experience I would not have traded for anything.

While browsing the web, I realised that there is not enough information about waterproof tents out there. I wanted to tackle this problem myself and thanks to my vast experience in this field, I’m pretty sure I can guide people to the right waterproof tent, help them choose the tent that suits their needs the most, or give them advice on how to waterproof a tent they already own.

I have made a huge interactive chart of waterproof tents, which sums up the features of each tent, and enables you to compare them. I am going to add reviews of individual tents on a permanent basis. I am going to add articles about taking care of your tent, interviews with experienced backpackers, or anything that can help you find the tent that fits your needs the most.

So, welcome on this journey and together – I’m sure – we’ll be able to find the best waterproof tent for you!

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